2019 Annual Information Sheet due now!

If you or your church has not submitted your 2019 Annual Information Sheet with the WNALC, please do so now!!!

There are no annual fees, membership fees, required donations – just a annually update your information so you can receive newsletters, upcoming information, vote on business, and provide a way for us to contact you.

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​March-April 2019

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​Treasurer's Tidings

Thank you to all who have supported the Women of the NALC over the past year. Whether it was financially through general or mission fund donations, with your time through attending the Annual Gathering, serving on a team or helping in any other way, or, finally & most importantly, through prayer; your support was & continues to be truly appreciated. At the Annual Gathering in August 2018, with our trust in God who always provides, we approved the budget for 2019 with a deficit of $3,500. I wanted to give you the year-end report for 2018 so everyone was kept abreast of our financial situation. As you see below, we ended 2018 with an income of $12,780 & expenses of only $7,647, which leaves us with an increase of $5,132 for the year. Thank you again for your immense generosity & also thanks to those who helped decrease spending by covering their own expenses. We will continue to work faithfully in the next year to serve you & all the Women of the NALC as God provides. We continue to keep you in prayer that God may work through all of us to share His love in this broken & hurting world.

Lane Magera

WNALC Treasurer 

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All women and women’s groups of NALC congregations are members of our organization. The WNALC exists to link NALC women together as a community of faith, hope, and love, to enhance and facilitate the work within our local churches. The Women's Council and other volunteers are called to assist members in God’s mission, study of His Word, service to others in Christ’s name, and fellowship among Christian women. Please, explore our presentations here and in our other publications, and prayerfully consider your participation with the WNALC.

WNALC - Women of the North American Lutheran Church