WNALC - Women of the North American Lutheran Church

“...& let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder & perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, & is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12: 1b-2

All women are welcome to attend & do not have to be a delegate of a congregation for the convocation. Mark your calendars & plan to join us for our annual gathering of the Women of the North American Lutheran Church – WNALC. 

                   2018 WNALC Annual Report 

We, the WNALC Council, are pleased to introduce our new logo. Thanks to the efforts of Rev. Randy Conley, husband of a council member, we now have an emblem that clearly signifies the WNALC. You will soon find it in a multitude of places, some of which are mentioned in the remainder of this report. 

At our post-Gathering meeting we began by welcoming two new and two returning council members, electing officers, and re-establishing Mission District and Team responsibilities. One council member had to resign due to health and, as per our Operational Guidelines, was replaced by appointment for the remainder of the year. 

At the annual fall council retreat, the business and mission goals of the coming year were set in place. We updated numerous WNALC forms to develop uniformity and clarity. We added descriptions and procedures to most council duties and teams, again for clarity as well as ease of transition when duties change hands. All of this, and more, better establishes a firm foundation for the working of the WNALC Council as they serve all the women of the NALC.  

Another goal has been to continue building better relationships with women in all the NALC congregations in order that we may grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ and service to him. Everything that we do is to that end. The primary way that is achieved is through the stewardship of all the WNALC ladies’ groups, whether it be in the form of monetary contributions, articles for the newsletters, missions, volunteering, or other. 

​An example is the tremendous response to the 2017 NALC Disaster Response relief efforts that are still ongoing. Check out the websites of both the NALC and the WNALC for updates, as well as reports in their newsletters.

Our 2017-18 Mission Bank collections were designated for a family of NALC Global Workers as our international mission and NALC Disaster Response as our national mission. Mission Bank promotions will continue in 2018-19 for both international and national missions, as decided at our 2018 Annual Gathering. In addition to the Mission Banks, our ladies remain involved in local missions. Mission is, in fact, both the actual heart and joy of the WNALC. 

To aid us even more as we move into the future, a new Mission District tracking system has been developed. This helps us to keep better, more consistent records, as well as to assist in transitioning Mission Districts among council members. Further development and promotion of our WNALC newsletter, website, and Facebook group continues to be a work in progress. Another step ahead is a brand new “passing of the torch” via an electronic flash drive being developed for 2018-19. The overall goal is to move forward into future mission for Christ. 

Our latest mission initiative is “Stuff the Tonka” for NALC Disaster Response that will occur during Lutheran Week in Denver 2018—results shown on page 3 of this newsletter.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Brower
outgoing WNALC Chair


WNALC Annual Gathering, August 6, 2019

Westin Hotel, Indianapolis, IN

This little TONKA was stuffed over and over this past Lutheran Week.

                                   Thanks to you!  

This is what 350 Giftcards totalling over $11,000 for NALC Disaster Response looks like. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you way exceeding our imaginations. So many lives and areas of the country will be touched by these cards and your prayers!

If you still have Giftcards to send in, please send them to Mary Bates at the NALC Disaster Response Warehouse, 811 Main Street, Caldwell, OH, 43724, Attn: Stuff the TONKA

Are you up for trying something new? This adventure provides the opportunity to meet new people from all over. You would be working with a great core group of women. & most importantly, you would have the opportunity to connect our Sisters in Christ of the WNALC to share God’s love!

What am I talking about? Become a member of the WNALC Council! Each year we need ladies to fill seats on this governing board. Won’t you consider putting your name on the ballot to run in the election? The election is held during the WNALC Gathering in August during Lutheran Week. The only requirement is for you to belong to a congregation that is a member of the NALC. Contrary to rumors, you DO NOT have to be a pastor’s spouse! I am living proof of that (my hubby laughs crazily if I mention seminary)!

I know that the big question in your mind is, “what do I have to do? What are my responsibilities?” First & the best thing is to have fun & meet new people! Other responsibilities are to attend a meeting once a month (done through the computer). You would be a representative to some of the mission districts & keep them informed of happenings in the WNALC. You would work with a ministry team to develop ideas & projects. & another great perk is to help plan & participate in the Annual Gathering!

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity! Please prayerfully consider running for a position on the Council. There is a nomination form for you to fill out & return to the Nominating Committee. If you have any questions about this adventure, please ask any of the seven council members. We are here to help you!