WNALC - Women of the North American Lutheran Church

Grace & Peace to All,

As we are in the holiday season starting with Thanksgiving & on through Epiphany it is truly a time of celebrations & expectations. This season more than any other reflects the cycles of life.

When we were young Thanksgiving meant our favorite desserts, cakes, pies & cookies & of course it was the beginning of Christmas. Which led us into our first advent season, anticipation & expectation filled the air as Thanksgiving meant Christmas was near; Christmas meant more food, & toys.

Christmas was a time to check out the toy department in Sears & Roebuck; if you couldn’t make it to the store countless hours would be spent thumbing through the pages of the Sears Christmas catalog. The anticipation, the excitement of when the catalog would arrive & who in the family would be the first to look inside. Anticipation & expectations for Christmas were found in the pages of that precious book.

As we got older Thanksgiving took on a different meaning such as who would get the coveted drumstick from the turkey. Which of your favorite cousins would be coming to dinner? Do we watch the parade on television or go to the movies? Later in years we would change focus to how many dirty dishes there would be to wash. There was still the fight over that Sears catalog, anticipation & expectations for Christmas.

Before you knew it, you were in Confirmation class & Thanksgiving started to be about what you were thankful for & it couldn’t be the Sears catalog. The giving of thanks for the many blessings that we had been given throughout the year.

As adults we are thankful throughout the year, giving God thanks & praise for just being the loving God that He is. The Sears catalog has now been replaced as the most important book in our lives by the Bible. Our anticipation & expectations shift from receiving gifts from one book to receiving the greatest gift of all from the only book that really matters. We still plan the Thanksgiving dinner, bake all of the goodies that come with the day. Our focus now is on the other Advent season the one where the anticipation is the coming of Christ.

This holiday season celebrate Thanksgiving for all that God has done for you in this past year. Be reminded during Advent that we have a gift greater than anything ever found in the Sears & Roebuck catalog or the Niemen Marcus catalog coming to us. That is that was Christ born, has died & will come again. When you see a star in the sky be reminded of that first Epiphany, when God signal the world that the Savior had come.

Giving Thanks this season for all of you.



The Chair's Corner


 WNALC Council Chair