WNALC - Women of the North American Lutheran Church

Grace & peace to all,

As I write this during Women’s History Month, it would be nice to list the great women of the Bible & share how they impacted the history of the church. I thought about the unsung heroines around the world. However, it is the unsung heroes in our daily lives that we should lift up! Not only in March, but every month, every day. So, to all the amazing women who do so much in our congregations, cities, towns & communities to bring the face & voice of God to others, I thank you for all your efforts both large & small. You are truly worthy of being celebrated!

We on the Women’s Council are being prayerful about our upcoming Annual Gathering in Indianapolis. We are excited to meet some of you for the first time & greet once again those who have been on this journey with us. I speak for all the ladies on the Women’s Council to the joy of serving; first, God, & then you, the Women of the NALC. We share our stories & our lives with one another; there is a true sisterhood among us. The ability to share your story with someone who truly cares enough to pray with you & for you is the essence of sisterhood.

Although it is now April, & we are all busy preparing to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord & Savior Jesus the Christ, take time to celebrate a special woman in your life. Or, if it calls you, explore the journey of one who is not so special to you! Find her gifts from God that have been hidden from you. All women have gifts & are blessings from on high. I am looking forward to meeting & greeting you in Indianapolis & hearing your stories.

We have one valued member of the Women’s Council retiring due to term limits & two up for re-election should they decide to run again. Please be prayerful during this Lenten season: has God prepared you for such a time as this? Is it your time to serve the Women of the North American Lutheran Church as a council member?

Many blessings to you all,



The Chair's Corner


 WNALC Council Chair