WNALC - Women of the North American Lutheran Church

Grace & Favor to All,

I am so full of gratefulness, I must say thank you to some of the people from the past year & the Gathering. Thank you, Jesus our Lord & Savior, for blessing us with a safe & successful Gathering, thank you for godly women with a spirit of serving you. Thank you, Lord, for all you have done & are going to do through The Women of the North American Lutheran Church (WNALC).

At the Annual Gathering in Denver we met, we prayed, we asked the Holy Spirit to dwell among us. Things tend to happen when you leave them to the Holy Spirit! We started the day with too few candidates for The Women’s Council (TWC), but the Spirit took over & we had an abundance of women willing to serve. Thank you to Rachel Busch Jones of Champaign, IL, Jody Ford of Kendallville, IN, Carol McGill of Longmont, CO, Jill Nesheim of Devils Lake, ND, & Gloria Ziemer of Chapin, SC, for your willingness to serve on TWC. Thanks also to Lane, Pat & Marcella for continuing the Council; you ladies are such a blessing to work with. Thank you, thank you.

While our attendance was not what we hoped, those who came were blessed by the presence of God in the room. Our speakers, Pastor Pamela Thorson & Bishop John Bradosky, brought words of hope & encouragement. I say a huge THANK YOU to both. 

A most heartfelt thank you to our outgoing Chair Linda Brower for your years of service on TWC, we will never forget your dedication to completing the guidelines. Robbie Conley, we thank you for your service on TWC & serving as our Treasurer. Jenn Madsen, although you were here for a short time you made an impactful difference, you are greatly missed.

Thank you to all the ladies who made the journey to Denver. We are expecting you in Indianapolis & to bring friends. Remember — we will be electing a new Bishop.

In Denver, I had the opportunity to converse with Mary Bates of NALC Disaster Response. Mary shared with me that the one item that is in the greatest need & shortest supply is Bibles. So, I am going to start my tenure out asking for Bibles. If each congregation donated at least one case of Bibles to Disaster Response for Christmas, it would be more than enough. If your congregation can do more, don’t limit to just one case! The need is for all types of Bibles, both English & Spanish. Your Children’s Ministry could even send Children’s Bibles! Have them delivered directly to the NALC Disaster Warehouse, 810 Main Street, Caldwell, OH 43724. Bibles By the Case, Christianbooks.com, Bibles in Bulk are all websites that you can order by the case often with free shipping. I will be speaking to it again in the Missions report but the response to Stuff the Tonka was nothing but a “God Thing”. Let’s put forth the same kind of effort into getting Bibles in the warehouse to be given to those in the most need of a word from the Lord. We can do it!

We have added a new Ministry Team to the five that we already had. Scripture says to write the vision & make it plain. In that spirit we have added a Growth Ministry Team to go along with the Budget, Communications, Fellowship & Community, Mission Support & Spiritual Growth Teams. We need to be intentional about building & mending relationships within the Women of the NALC. We are all Sisters in Christ; if one of us is hurting we all are hurting. If one is missing from the table, the meal cannot be complete. 

In One Spirit,

The Chair's Corner


 WNALC Council Chair