WNALC - Women of the North American Lutheran Church

Dear Sisters in Christ,
IT’S SPRING!!!  Even the calendar says so, though the weather doesn’t always acknowledge it, and we have seen tell-tale signs of it everywhere we look.  Most especially we have celebrated Easter—the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  He is alive!  The living Christ is represented in the rebirth we see in spring and we rejoice in our hearts. 

It has been a tough year—multiple hurricanes, floods, wildfires, blizzards—have I missed anything?  All have affected each one of us personally in one way or another.  All of the WNALC has responded with generosity and love to the needs expressed by the NALC Disaster Response.  Thank you everyone.  Mary Bates, NALC Disaster Coordinator gives us the latest updates starting on page 4 of this month's newsletter. 

Even though we send out the WNALC newsletter and promote the WNALC website at www.wnalc.org  the question still comes up—what is the WNALC and the WNALC Council and what does it do?  Essentially it is YOU.  Every woman who is a member of an NALC congregation is a member of the WNALC.  There is no membership fee nor is it necessary to have an organized women’s group within your congregation.  We encourage at least one representative from each church to fill out an Annual information Sheet for the purposes of keeping the WNALC Council updated and allowing us to keep you, the Women of the NALC, informed with newsletters and other updates to share with the women in your congregations.  

The WNALC Council seeks to help and support women’s groups in the NALC congregations and works to encourage missions, spiritual growth, and unity in order to grow and share faith and love in Jesus Christ.  Promoting that sisterhood of believers is the purpose of the WNALC and the goal of the WNALC Council.  

One of the ways we achieve these goals is our Annual WNALC Gathering, taking place during Luther Week before the Mission Festival and NALC Convocation.  This year we meet in Denver, CO on August 14th with the theme “God Is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble” from Psalm 46:1.  Our featured speaker is Pastor Pamela Thorson (her biography) .  

At the Annual Gathering, we attempt to provide fellowship, enlightenment, and devotions, in addition to conducting the business of the WNALC, with a well-rounded agenda that engages those who attend.  Some register for multiple events during Lutheran Week, while some ladies attend only the Gathering.  The cost to register for the Gathering remains at $80 and includes lunch.  To register for the event go to www.thenalc.org/projects/2018-lutheran-week/ We look forward to seeing you there! 

Beginning on page 4 of this month's newsletter, you will find information on the WNALC Mission Bank Recipients for 2017-2018.  One is an international mission and the other is a national mission as voted on at the 2017 WNALC Gathering.  Remember, donations for these 2018 missions are due no later than May 31st.  You may have discovered a variety of ways to promote and collect for these missions in your congregations.  The WNALC newsletter has also gladly featured a variety of local missions when you have sent us such articles and pictures. 

The Nominations Team is encouraging those ladies who are interested in becoming a part  of the WNALC Council to submit a nomination form which is included at the end of this issue. I encourage each of you to consider stepping up to serve on the Council. 

Blessings to one and all,

Linda Brower, WNALC Chair

The Chair's Corner

Linda Bower

 WNALC Council Chair