WNALC - Women of the North American Lutheran Church

Dear Sisters in Christ,
Did you know that God has a crowbar?  At least that’s how I saw it about 35 or so years ago.  After many moves, my family returned to my hometown.  I said it would take a crowbar to get me to move again—and God quickly and easily provided one!  Well, He had us moving to Texas, far from our hometown in Indiana.  I had learned a lesson—first, God had a crowbar, and, second, it doesn’t work well to try to assert my will over God’s Will. Sound familiar?  So I sat around for the first few months waiting for God to tell me why I was there and what He wanted me to do.  Time for another lesson. 

This is where y’all come in (yeah, I’m a Texan now).  God does not serve us answers on a silver platter.  He expects us to get up and do His work—the Holy Spirit will guide us along the way.  Look around you—at home, at church, in the community, even on the WNALC website, for all those opportunities to serve Christ.  Don’t wait to be asked, or even directed by others, but rather seek it out for yourself. Granted you can’t do everything, or maybe even all that you used to do, however you can do something!   

In fact, moving into the New Year is the perfect time to reach out, to meet a need, to shine a light into the lives of those who are experiencing darkness.  Whether you choose local mission opportunities, or beyond, be a blessing to another and help them to see the light of Jesus Christ. 

To get you started, or to continue, take a look at the four attributes of the NALC found under “about us” on our WNALC website, www.wnalc.org  The descriptions of each hold key words to guide you to action—like, “make disciples” or “facilitate ministries” and more.  They may seem like big words requiring big actions yet each leads to the baby steps of “what-I-can do-now-to make a difference.”  We are each sent out by Christ’s Great Commission.  How are you applying your Call to serve our Lord? 

In Christ,
Linda Brower, WNALC Chair

The Chair's Corner

Linda Bower

 WNALC Council Chair