Your Help is needed with NALC Disaster Response 

​¨ How do you and your congregation serve in your community and the larger community?  Do you set annual goals?  Do you have established programs?  How do you train young people and Sunday School classes to serve others?  How do the men and the women serve?  Are they growing in their faith?

¨ Through NALC Disaster Response, you and each member of your congregation is able to reach out and serve in the name of Jesus Christ.

¨ By developing a Missions Calendar annually and by partnering with NALC Disaster Response volunteers, you are able to identify families significantly in need and be prepared to serve these families who have been vetted through a qualified case manager.

¨ Each congregation member has a role in service which will grow their faith and your leadership is able to help define that role.

First step:  Please encourage each congregation member to pray to God for guidance in their service.  No one is too young or old to serve God.

Second step:  Identify opportunities for service, by group collaboration or individual opportunities.  See Disaster Warehouse needs on next page.

Third step:  Pray to God for guidance in each of these opportunities for the congregation.

Fourth step:  Identify resources to meet the needs of those who need your help.

Fifth step:  Meet with NALC Disaster Response to confirm your mission calendar for the year, finalize your goals for your mission projects, start connecting with the families who need you.

Sixth step:  Go forth and Serve!


Sample Mission Calendar:  as part of your goal setting, select projects monthly or quarterly or bi-annually or annually.

January – March- Schedule a mission trip/ servant event to the NALC Disaster Warehouse  in Caldwell, Ohio. Collect flood buckets, health kits, baby care kits, quilts/blankets, winter coats/hats/gloves.

April – June-
Sponsor a “Mission Sunday” or “Disaster Response Sunday” by  collecting gift cards from Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart,  which will help provide home repairs and many other needs for families who cannot afford them. Ask for a NALC Disaster Response Sunday Flyer.

July – September-  Promote disaster preparedness month through Sunday Schools and congregation. Form a Disaster Volunteer Team and sign up for training. Attend a mission trip/servant event.

October – December- Collect furniture, appliances, household items, school supplies, new toys for Christmas, gift cards, and other items needed by the families you are serving. Support the Disaster Warehouse to assist families for the holidays.

Serving with you,

Mary Bates
NALC Disaster Response Coordinator

NALC Disaster Response provides assistance for a natural disaster, such as flooding, tornadoes, and fires, that strikes a NALC church, their community or in an area where the congregation is able to or desires to provide assistance:

- respond rapidly when domestic natural disasters occur,
- alleviate human suffering,
- provide transitional assistance, and

- enable those affected to begin the rebuilding process.

​NALC Disaster Response Coordinator, Mary Bates 



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WNALC - Women of the North American Lutheran Church

As anyone who listens to the weather reports knows it has been a hard year with disasters affecting many areas across North America. The south is still in recovery after Hurricanes Florence & Michael left destruction in their wake & the wildfires cut a wide path through California.

Do you have a closet, a room or even a corner to spare to store disaster response items? It is important to have items on hand because you never know when or where the next disaster will strike!

A true story: St. John Lutheran Church in Statesville, North Carolina had a spare room in a building on the church property where they were storing flood buckets & other supplies. Hurricane Florence came & hit the East Coast. After the brunt of the storm had passed, arrangements were made to truck the items to the hard-hit areas. Since St. John’s already had items on hand, & they were only a few hours away, it was a fast delivery! In fact, after the trucks got to the coast, they were detained awhile because the rivers came up & flooded the roads making the coast inaccessible. You may wonder how much of an impact a couple of trucks could make; I guarantee that every item on those trucks were a welcome site to our Brothers & Sisters in Christ as they started the massive task of the cleanup! Just knowing that someone cared & was willing to extend a helping hand was a big comfort!

So look around your church grounds & identify a spot to store some disaster response items in order to help your neighbor or even someone from your own congregation. It doesn’t need to be a separate building. A closet or corner of a room will do! You never know when or where the next disaster will strike! ​