WNALC - Women of the North American Lutheran Church

Pray for our Global Workers



The NALC wants congregations to connect directly with ministry and mission agencies throughout North America and beyond to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serve human need. Listed first are the NALC’s Ministry Partners, with whom the NALC as a whole has a close working relationship. Listed second are the NALC’s Recognized Ministries, some of which relate to NALC congregations or Mission Districts or are ministries commended by the NALC. All of the ministries listed below have been vetted by the NALC. Congregations and individuals are encouraged to use and support these ministries.

We, as the Women of the NALC Mission Support Team, would encourage each and every ladies’ group to adopt one of the Ministry Partners as well as one of the Recognized Ministries of the NALC to support. It is so vital and important that we do this as part of our ministry within our church body and beyond. Our Mission Bank offerings are a part of our mission support too.

Please familiarize yourselves with these ministries and pray to be led to support one national and one international mission. Your support will be such a blessing and will help increase the ability of these missions to do so much more than is now possible. We are truly blessed to be a blessing.