When you send us a donation, on the memo line of your check  simply write "general fund" or "mission bank". Remember, the general fund is what we use to operate. Mission Bank is what we use to support external missions helping to fulfill the great commandment and make disciples of all nations. Funds that come in without a designation on the memo line of the check will be put in the general fund. 

Please send all donations to: 


c/o North American Lutheran Church

2299 Palmer Drive, Suite 220

New Brighton, MN 55112-2202

Thank you all for your continued support! I pray that our Father bless each and every one of you, your churches, and your faith journey

Lane Magera,

​WNALC Treasurer

The many tasks set before us cannot be done by a seven-member board alone. We believe that God is calling more of YOU, the membership out there in the member churches, to work with us. If you can assist us, please download, complete and email or (Postal Service mail) the volunteer form to your Mission District Representative. The Women's Council will then contact you to determine where you are best equipped to serve the Women of the NALC. Please join us in fulfilling this mission. Thank You.

The Women's Council (TWC)
Please prayerfully consider volunteering your time and talents for next years TWC. Nomination forms will be available soon. Please ask your Mission District Representative about Board Member responsibilities or other questions.

Mission District Designated Contact 
Each TWC member has been asked to identify someone from their assigned Mission Districts to assist the TWC in getting to better know your Mission District, congregations, and women groups betters so you can be bettered served by us. If you would like to volunteer to be your Mission Districts Designated Contact, please contact your TWC representative.  

Ministry Teams

The Women's Council appoints Ministry Teams to conduct the business of the WNALC. Each Ministry Team includes at least one member of the Women's Council. Teams are developed for:

Communication Team: includes, but is not limited to, providing adequate communication for the WNALC, such as a website, newsletter, social media, and coordination with the NALC webmaster.

Budget Team: develops a financial plan in the form of a budget which takes into consideration the financial support for the total program of the WNALC. This Team suggests a budget based upon an estimate of income from congregational and Mission District women's ministries.

Nominating Team: solicits and validates candidates for the Women's Council and oversees the WNALC election process.

Spiritual Growth: compiles sources for Bible studies.

Mission Support Team: works with the NALC Mission Director's office to provide information about mission opportunities.

Fellowship and Community Team: develops and shares ideas for programs, retreats, and fellowship opportunities for the members of the WNALC.


WNALC - Women of the North American Lutheran Church

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