WNALC - Women of the North American Lutheran Church

French fries, fried okra and mushrooms, and mozzarella sticks), Mission Kitchen (frozen casseroles—main dishes, desserts, breakfast, and sides), This & That (crafts, Happy Home flavorings, Rada cutlery, church cookbooks), and Photography Studio (packages $25).  We also have a garage sale several months prior to the market.  Additionally, there were 30 vendors who gave part of their proceeds to the market. 
When the proceeds were totaled at 1:30, we had $10,500.  We still have money to come in this week as there are some casseroles to be sold Sunday.  All proceeds will go to Relay for Life, two Lexington District 1 snack sack programs, Lighthouse for Life, Dickerson Children’s Advocacy Center, and Samaritan’s Well.  Over the past nine years the Mission Market has made it possible for us to give over $88,000 to many deserving nonprofit organizations who share God’s love.  

Blankets For Iowa
DHS, MFL /Mar Mac School, & Veterans

We have used Thrivent Action Teams to complete the following projects at First Lutheran Church, Monona, IA. 

Purple tied fleece blankets were given to the Iowa Department of Health Services in Decorah, IA. Blankets are held in picture by Sunday School students: Trinley Trappe, Mollee Kautman, Mia Kautman, Kinley Trappe, Rachel Keehner. Mindy Keehner, and Cora Keehner. 

We formed another team to make 22 weighted anxiety blankets for children at MFL/Mar Mac School in Monona, IA.  They are used on children when they rest or on their laps during class.  They have a calming effect. 

Lastly, we teamed up with the Family Living Class at MFL/Mar Mac to make lap robes for Veterans.  Students in the class learned how to put a quilt top together and we put the filler and backing on the quilts and tied them. We then delivered to the Veteran’s Hospital in Iowa City, IA.  MFL/Mar Mac students are in featured picture. 

Submitted by Thelma Keehner
First Lutheran Church,
Monona, IA


Have you thought of this Idea? 

High Tea Guest Night
From First English
Lutheran Church
Lennox, SD

80 & Over Birthday Party

from St. Thomas Lutheran, 

Trufant, MI

A party thrown for all in community who are age 80 and over this year,  Have a cupcake with a candle for each attendee.

Horseradish Sale from
Hope Lutheran Church
Hubbard Lake, MI

We grow, harvest, process, can, and sell horseradish at our annual bizarre. We are so well-known for it that people drive from all over the state to come get it. We actually have to limit the number of jars people can purchase so that everyone who stands in line has a chance to get some!


First English Lutheran float in July 4th parade through Lennox, SD. 

Mission Market  from

St. Peter’s Lutheran, Lexington, SC ​

St. Peter’s Lydia Circle in Lexington, SC held its 9th Annual Mission Market on Saturday, November 12.  The Bake Shop (homemade pies, cakes, cookies, breads, and cinnamon rolls), Country Store (fresh Lexington County grown vegetables, canned beets, chow chow, jellies, sauerkraut, pickles), Café (freshly made corn dogs, hamburgers, 


from First English Lutheran,

Lennox, SD 

To the right are several shots of our quilts as displayed for harvest festival which was October 9th at First English Lutheran, Lennox, SD.  The ladies produced 71 regular sized quilts (about 60” x 80”) and 9 baby quilts.  The ladies meet twice a week for a couple hours.  The janitor brings the machines up from the basement on the elevator and sets them up.  The group can vary from 2 to 7 ladies, but a couple of the ladies do much work at home, too.  61 quilts were boxed for Lutheran World Relief.  Seven were kept at First English for a silent auction.  12 were given to The Exchange, the local pantry which has items other than food for community residents.

Verlyss Jacobson

First English Lutheran, Lennox, SD 

Submitted by Verlyss Jacobson
First English Lutheran Church
Lennox, SD

​First English Lutheran Women of Lennox, SD, had a high tea guest night on June 7, 2017. We served about 105—biggest guest night we have ever had. Usually 80 is a big crowd. Plenty of teapots, table settings, and even hats to wear!