All women and women’s groups of NALC congregations are members of our organization. The WNALC exists to link NALC women together as a community of faith, hope, and love, to enhance and facilitate the work within our local churches. The Women’s Council and other volunteers are called to assist members in God’s mission, study of His Word, service to others in Christ’s name, and fellowship among Christian women. Please, explore our presentations here and in our other publications, and prayerfully consider your participation with the WNALC.

2022 Virtual Gathering

With hope, let us sing praises to the Lord! 

Mark your calendars and make plans to meet virtually with your sisters in Christ from across the country! Every NALC congregation is encouraged to have one voting delegate registered to attend and vote on the matters of interest to the WNALC. All other attendees are welcomed as visitors. Get your women together, select a delegate before August 1 and plan a viewing party with food and party favors!

Our Motto

Connecting with our Sisters in Christ by Sharing God’s Love

Our Mission

As sisters in Christ, we dedicate ourselves to guide and direct the Women of the North American Lutheran Church in their efforts to move forward in faith and mission, through prayer and evangelism, with the Holy Scriptures as the final authority in all matters.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the WNALC shall be to support the women’s ministry within     congregations of the North American Lutheran Church with the goal of mutual support and encouragement as a community in faith, hope and love.

The WNALC shall assist congregational women’s ministries in mission, study of God’s Word, fellowship and service in Christ’s name.

The WNALC shall provide guidance to congregations of the NALC who are forming new women’s ministries.