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Mission District Council Contacts

Whether your church and/or Mission District has a formal group with all the committees or not you are the Women of the NALC (WNALC). The Women’s Council (TWC) exists to support you on your journey of spiritual growth and service to the Kingdom. In the same respect, some mission districts have a district-wide WNALC organization, while others do not so TWC is here to answer questions and help you find resources.

Each of the Mission Districts has been assigned to a member of TWC, and the list is below. Our goal is to be a resource to you and the women of your congregations. The NALC has been blessed with growth, far greater than they expected at their formation. In 12 years our denomination has grown from 20 congregations to 450+ congregations – WOW!

Because of this tremendous growth, each of the seven women on TWC has many more congregations to communicate with now than in the beginning. In some mission districts a woman has already volunteered to serve as the “Representative” for her Mission District. You can read more about the Representative position below. The opportunity to serve as a Representative exists in those Mission Districts indicated as (OPEN) below.

Mission District Representatives

Representatives facilitate communications between The Women’s Council of the WNALC and her mission district. The representative serves as the point of between the council member assigned to her Mission District and the congregations.

OPEN following the name of the mission district indicates that mission district does not currently have a representative, and the council contact person is responsible for communicating with all congregations in that mission district. If your district’s representative position is marked (OPEN) and you would like to know more about what the role entails, please contact the WNALC Mission District facilitator, Amy Werner,

We look forward to getting better connected with the women in all of our congregations!

Pr. Cathy Fanslau

  • Canada Mission District   (OPEN)
  • Central Pacific Mission District
  • Southwest Pacific Mission District

Kim Isiminger

  • Carolinas Mission Region 
    (Lynn Coughenour)
    • Catawba Valley MD
    • Piedmont – East MD
    • South Carolina MD
    • Southern Piedmont MD
  • Mid-South Mission District;
    (Kim Isiminger)
  • Minkota Mission District;
    (Jill Nesheim)
  • Sonshine Mission District of Florida (OPEN)

Peggy Jording

  • Eastern South Dakota Mission District (OPEN)
  • Northwest Mission District (OPEN)
  • Rocky Mountain Mission District (OPEN)
  • Western Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming MD (OPEN)

Sandra Liska

  • Michigan Mission District
    (Marcella Nelson)
  • Texas Mission Region
    • Northern Texas MD
      (Linda Brower)
    • Southeastern Texas MD
      (Pat Dittrich)
    • Southwestern Texas MD
      (Sherrie Palan)

Pr. Salome Pathak

  • Great Rivers Mission District
    (Rachel Busch-Jones)
  • Heartland Mission District (OPEN)

Amy Werner

  • Atlantic Mission Region
    (Amy Werner)
    • AMR – Central MD 
    • AMR – Western MD
    • AMR – Northeast MD
    • AMR – Southern MD
  • Iowa Mission District (OPEN)
  • Mid-Northeast Mission District
    (Amy Werner)

Mary Lea Pfenninger

  • Great Plains Mission Region
    • Eastern Great Plains MD (OPEN)
    • Southern Great Plains MD (OPEN)
    • Western Great Plains MD (OPEN)
  •  Ohio Mission Region
    • North Central Ohio MD(OPEN)
    • North Eastern Ohio MD (OPEN)
    • North West Ohio MD (OPEN)
    • Southeast Ohio MD (OPEN)
    • Southwest Ohio MD (OPEN)
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