WNALC Annual Gathering 2020

God Creates Women of Purpose: Women Who Reflect the Heart of God

Due to COVID-19, we are going virtual!

All women are welcome to attend & do not have to be a delegate of a congregation for the Convocation or Annual Gathering.
Plan to join us for our Annual Gathering of the Women of the North American Lutheran Church – WNALC.

This pandemic thing is really putting a crimp in our style, but we just can’t risk anyone’s health for our Annual Gathering, & we hope you understand.

That being said, we’re going to do the best we can to make our Annual Gathering as easy as possible for everyone. And also as fun as possible. Because obviously.

Here is what we DO know!

♦ Worship

We will worship together as Women of God in prayer & song.

Inspirational Speaker

The Rev. Trina Petersen will speak to the group.

Member Meeting

Receive annual financial & Mission information, vote on 2021 decisions.

Our Honorable Guest

The Rev. Trina Petersen

Every person is born with a purpose, prepared for a plan & fueled by a passion. The purpose, plan & passion of Trina Petersen is adding value to the lives of people by helping them focus their energy & maximize their potential. She works tirelessly with individuals, groups & organizations across the United States, in East Africa & in Haiti to educate, equip & empower leaders for effective leadership. Because she embraces the sentiments of Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in this world”, her work includes but is not limited to being a change agent within the North American Lutheran Church, Non-Profit Organizations & in Corporate America.

Pastor Trina Petersen is an effective life coach & compassionate pastor. She is a powerful author, successful entrepreneur & motivational speaker. Though she works with all who are ready for change, she has a special place in her heart for helping women break free from emotional & spiritual bondage & gain the freedom to love, live & to positively impact their communities. She has spent the last 13 years working with women one on one & in group settings. Firsthand experience equips her with the wisdom, tenacity & compassion she needs to connect with people. She shares the wisdom she has gained from her personal experience to help equip, empower & encourage women to live lives of significance. Trina is passionate about helping women identify their passion & utilizing it as the catalyst for maximizing their potential & enjoying life.

Pastor Trina has been privileged to be trained by & work with noted pioneers in the counseling field. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Education from Beulah Heights University, a Master of Divinity from The Interdenominational Theological Center & has completed eight units of Clinical Pastoral Education. She is a certified platform speaker & coach with the John Maxwell Team. She has served as a Hospice Chaplain, Office Administrator, Computer Software Trainer & was the founder & CEO of FaithWorks, Inc, a time management & organizational system consulting business. Trina combines her education & entrepreneurial spirit to provide dynamic transformative speaking & coaching experiences. The phenomenal transformation of those she has worked with fuels her passion.

As an Author, Trina’s writings are focused on developing esteems that are not defined by one’s failures or limitations. Rather, she focuses on the esteem that comes from being connected to & operating in the purpose & power of The Creator. In her most recently published literary work, “Irresistible”, Trina maps out a framework to help individuals & organizations move from survival, past success & into significance. This framework, the FOCUS framework, is proven to work, if you work it. Bishop Emeritus had this to say about ‘Irresistible’; “This book was designed for women but the process for personal transformation is equally true for men. This is an excellent resource for couples to study together. It is faith based & biblically centered. Her personal transparency is both helpful & refreshing. Her advice & direction are consistent with the path of discipleship. Don’t miss the opportunity to fully utilize the wisdom contained in this book. It truly is irresistible!”

Whether addressed as Pastor Trina or Coach Trina, she simplifies the complex things making her message easy to understand. Her insight makes her message relevant & impactful. Her compassion is unmistakable. Her laughter & smile make her approachable. When asked about sharing with the Women of the NALC, she responded, “There is no greater joy than that of fulfilling your God created purpose. My joy is made full when I serve others – helping to reclaim their power, purpose & peace by helping them gain freedom from emotional bondage that stagnates their progress & diminishes their impact. I believe that the Women of the NALC are a force to be reckoned with. I look forward to spending time with my sisters in Christ.”

Serve & Support

Please prayerfully consider volunteering your time & talents for next year’s Women’s Council! Maybe there is someone you’d like to nominate? For more details please visit: