Salem Women of the NALC

West Alexandria, Ohio

The Salem Women have collected donations to create health/hygiene & cleaning kits to provide disaster relief for the Dayton, Ohio area following the devastating tornados & for the flood victims in the Midwest. As of date they have assembled over 500 health kits & approximately 300 or more cleaning kits for cleanup. The kits that are not used locally will go to the NALC Disaster Response. They’ve also sent a request to the local Kohl’s since the employees have been so helpful with purchases for the kits – response TBA!

First English Lutheran

Lennox, South Dakota

Women’s guest night: Carolyn Carlson had a trunk show of dozens of her quilting projects.

Girl Scouts & their leaders/moms did all of the kitchen work! Fun was had by all!

Story submitted by Verlyss Jacobson

Home of Peace Orphanage

Bariadi, Tanzania​

My trip to Tanzania in East Africa began in 2002 at the age of 70. I’ve always wanted to be a missionary & I always wanted to go to Africa. My first trip was with Pastor Campbell & two others went with me to visit our partner church, located in the town of Bariadi, in the Bariadi District. 

Upon our arrival we wasted no time in visiting villages in the area. We visited with the people in each village & each time we were given a soda. During the day we visited at least seven villages & yes, a soda each time. By the end of the day the sodas began to build up in our bodies. There were no rest areas close by & it was not a comfortable feeling. This was not the most important thing going on but was very memorable to each of us. We were there for two weeks & it went very fast. As we said goodbyes, I promised to return the next year.


I returned the next summer for three months. I stayed with Pastor Mkaro & his wife who had only been married a few months. Pastor spoke English but his wife was not fluent. We managed with smiling & gestures to help understand what each was saying. We got along just fine.

The services on Sunday started at 8:00 a.m. & after the first service we went to a village for another service. Some of the villages were quite a distance. It was an enjoyable time with the people in the villages & sometimes I gave a message with the help of an interpreter.

During those three months I met many orphans; usually boys, because the girls stayed at the homes doing work, some taking care of smaller children.

One day I commented to the pastor that they needed an orphanage because there was no place close for the children to have a safe place for them to stay. The Pastor agreed with me about an orphanage. I began praying a lot for several days about this because I had no information myself on building an orphanage. One day I heard a small voice say to me “if you don’t do it, it won’t get done.” I had never had God speak to me in this way before. I then asked the Pastor to get plans & how much it would cost. Several days went by & finally the plans for the orphanage & how much it would cost were given to me.


It was soon time for me to return home. When I got home, I showed the plans & amount of money for the orphanage to my Pastor. My Pastor looked it over & slowly gave his approval. I was not very happy with the response I got but would let it settle for a while.

One day I received a phone call from a person who asked me if I would like to go to a church & tell about the work in Tanzania. I jumped at the opportunity & was asked to speak at more churches. It was wonderful! The money started to come in to fund the orphanage. To make a long story short, the building of the orphanage began in 2003 & was finished in 2009.



The people in the church in Bariadi started to gather children for the orphanage. We started small, a few children at a time. We took children who had no mother or father & were around three or four years of age. Luckily, it wasn’t hard to find sponsors for the children. We now have 24 children & the sponsors pay $60 per month per child.

There are seven children who go to secondary school & this costs more money. It costs an additional $200 per child for a year of school. In 2020, nine more students will be ready for secondary school.


It is a choice for them: either they attend school, or their education is finished. I wish I could work a miracle for them, but luckily, I have something better! I TRUST IN GOD. I cannot tell you how important school is to the guardians for these children. They will do a lot for them so that they get good schooling. These children have nothing to back them up. They have nothing. I pray that they will receive what is needed for each one & they will get a good beginning in their life.

If you would like more information, please contact me:

Marjorie Beam

P. O. Box 253, Jackson Center, OH 45334



Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church

P. O. Box 328, Jackson Center, OH 45334


Michigan Mission District WNALC Retreat

Thirteen women from four of the eight churches in the Michigan Mission District gathered on April 21, 2019.  We began with worship, joining the clergy who were also meeting & were able to witness the installation of our new dean, Pastor Steve Hartten from St. Joseph, MI.  We introduced ourselves & then assembled over 33 flood buckets from donations &  Thrivent Action Team funds.  We joined the clergy for lunch & then were led in a Sola Publishing Bible study.  Each church brought ideas to share that stand out in their church & made a table display to see.  To finish we did a yarn activity that showed us how many similarities we have.  Thank you to St. Paul (Evart), St. Thomas (Trufant), & Peace (St. Joseph) for coming. Also, biggest thanks to Redeemer (Owasso) for hosting!! Hope to see you at the next one!

On Saturday May 4th, the Christ the King Women’s Ministry sponsored a brunch for the women of the church. Since it was the day that the Kentucky Derby ran, our theme was “Derby Day” & women were invited to wear their loveliest hats & partake in a tasty buffet featuring a Kentucky favorite: Kentucky Hot Brown Sliders. There was a lot of fun & much enthusiasm for the new Women’s Ministry program. We are now working on developing a leadership team for the group & planning future activities including opportunities for spiritual growth, service & fellowship.

Christ the King

Evans, Georgia

Grace Lutheran Church Women

Eaton, Ohio

Our GLCW have a unique way of collecting our yearly Thank Offerings! We use empty frosting containers with a slit in the lid to collect coins. We add the wording, “A daily gift, a daily prayer…if not the gift, at least the prayer.”

At our annual ‘Thank Offering Service’, led by our women, everyone walks to the front of the altar to empty their cans into a metal tub. Everyone can hear the clanging of the noisy change & the rustle of the bills.

Story submitted by Elsie Burkle

Thank Offering Boxes

We have Thank Offering boxes for daily use for anyone in our church who wants them. Those who take are instructed to put in a place they see every day. Say a prayer & put in a coin or bill each day. In November during a special service at our church we collect them to be blessed & give the donations to a selected cause.

Our last donation went to our missionaries in Asia, Chris & Emily.

Faith Lutheran

Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota


Holy Trinity

Kettle River, Minnesota

The NALC women from two congregations recently teamed up to fill 40 hygiene kits for Union Gospel in Duluth, MN. With the help of congressional donations & a Thrivent Action Team we were able to purchase shampoo, deodorant, soap, combs, toothpaste & disposable razors to complete the kits. The best part was the appreciation with which they were received!

Calvary Lutheran Church

Brookfield, Wisconsin

Jonathan, Carrie & Rachel Federwitz recently visited Calvary Lutheran Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin. They serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators & Lutheran Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea. Jonathan serves as a pilot & Carrie as a school teacher.

There are 800 different languages spoken in Papua New Guinea. As of 2018, 240 of these languages have a New Testament. There are 170 language translation projects in progress in the country. Thanks to all who support the work of Wycliffe & Lutheran Bible Translators around the world with their prayers & finances.

See LBT.org or Wycliffe.org for more information.

Story submitted by Marcella Nelson

Immanuel Lutheran Church

Lebanon, Wisconsin

After six months of hard work & prayers, the new elevator at Immanuel Lutheran Church of Lebanon Wisconsin was finished & granted permission by the state to be operational. On Friday, March 15th, it was used for the first time for Grandparents Day! It is a blessing for our elderly & handicapped members to be able to attend our chapel service & on Sunday, March 17th the smiles on the faces that utilized the elevator were a joy to behold. We are blessed that we did not have to borrow any money from outside institutions to finance this almost $450,000 project. Glory be to God!

Story submitted by Jessie Phillips

First English Lutheran

Lennox, South Dakota

The women of the church have served the supper for Ash Wednesday for years! This year’s menu included chicken noodle soup, chili & scrumptious desserts!

Story submitted by Verlyss Jacobson

St. Paul Lutheran Church

Rosenberg, Texas

St. Paul is one of a few churches in Rosenberg that host “Coffee with a Cop” about once a month. They invite all the local first responders to stop in to have coffee & goodies in their fellowship halls for a couple of hours one morning.

Now that we’re in the middle of the cold winter months, why not offer hot chocolate &/or hot tea as well? It is a chance to thank our local cops personally plus a chance to fellowship & visit with each other. A win/win situation!

Story submitted by Pat Dittrich

Calvary Lutheran Church

Brookfield, Wisconsin

Calvary Lutheran Church of Brookfield, Wisconsin recently hosted Paul Oman, Artist & Pastor, of Amery, Wisconsin. The congregation was delighted as he painted the sermon during our worship service & then later painted with our Sunday School children. Pastor Oman has a unique ministry of sharing the gospel through painting murals, particularly while preaching. He can be contacted to bring his talent to your congregation through his website: paulomanfineart.com or on Facebook: facebook.com/paul.oman2.