Jacqui El Torro

Jacqui El Torro

Chair’s Corner

February 2020

Grace & Peace,

Happy New Year! Welcome to the year 2020, a year of clear vision. We strive within the church & within our mission fields to have clear vision. Scripture speaks of that clear vision in Habakkuk 2:2. We are to write the vision & make it plain so that a runner can run with it. Have you written the vision God has given you for your life down? Is it playing so that a runner can run with it? Do you know what God’s vision is for your life?

We all have purpose & vision; we didn’t just happen to be born. There is Divine purpose & a plan for each of us. We must learn to listen to the voice of God &, trust me, it is highly unlikely that he is going to say “I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD” & begin writing on stone tablets with the vision & purpose for your life.

To point us in the direction of our vision & purpose, we are all born with a gift, a special gift that God Himself planted in us. A gift that we are to use to honor Him & to bring Him glory. My gift is different from yours but no less important in the sight of God. Because God loves us so much when we use our gifts to the fullest it pleases both God & us. Our vision & our destiny may not be identified until our later years. In our youth we were busy trying to please everyone else in our lives. We allowed our parents, teachers & a few pastors to tell us what their visions were for our lives, rather than telling us to be still & hear from God, they mapped out our lives for us.

So now, in the year of 2020, it is the year for you to be still & hear from God. He will give you the direction & path you are to take with clarity to be in His perfect will. Blessings will flow forth regardless of your age! We are never too young, nor too old, for God to put us on a Kingdom assignment. Be blessed in this new year: live with clear vision as to what you should be doing. You already have the gifts within you to fulfill your Divine purpose. Consider all the Kingdom assignments available to you within the church & within the Women of the NALC. Work to obtain clear vision for what you should be doing for the Kingdom in this time, this year of clarity, this year of 2020. We need all your gifts & talents to advance the kingdom of God more so than ever before.



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