Jill Nesheim

Jill Nesheim

Chair’s Corner

October 2021

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 1:2

Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians if full of encouragement. While reading through I see so many words of encouragement. The following are just a few that apply to the WNALC:

Grace and Peace: Giving grace to those who need it is so freeing, it frees me from feeling frustration and anger when people act in ways that seem less than right. I can give grace because I have not walked in their shoes and do not know what has happened in their lives to think and act as others do or they let me down. I can extend and give grace to people as Christ has given Grace and Peace to me.

Mentioning you in our prayers: These words can apply to us as sisters in Christ in the body of the WNALC. The 7 of us as The Women’s Council (TWC) of the WNALC extend our prayers for you and your women’s ministries and we appreciate your prayers for us as we serve on TWC.

You had become dear to us — our fellow laborer in the gospel of Christ: All the women of the WNALC are dear to us, we appreciate you as fellow laborers and your support of National Disaster response, monetary support of the Mission Bank and the General fund of the WNALC. Women need other women for support and fellowship. Working with my fellow church ladies is a great joy of my life.

To establish you and encourage you concerning your faith: TWC is here to help you establish and encourage you concerning your faith and to join together in your own churches and Mission Districts as Women of the NALC. With this we love to hear your good news and the events and missions you participate. We are providing bible studies on Facebook and materials on FB and the website to help you and encourage you in your home church and mission districts.

To love one another: We trust that you will turn to each other in love and in grace, reach out to others in your church and community.

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