Jill Nesheim

Jill Nesheim

Chair’s Corner

February 2022

Dear Sisters in Christ,

The Women’s Council of the WNALC is constantly striving to be and do what is needed for the WNALC.

In 2022 we are brainstorming and working to improve our communication and connections. In fact, the motto of the WNALC is “Connecting Our Sisters in Christ to Share God’s Love.”

How are we doing this?

  • A bi-monthly newsletter
  • Facebook, with inspiration and connection
  • On-line bible studies
  • A website with archives and information
  • We pray as a council for our churches and women’s groups
  • Annual Gathering held during Lutheran Week

How can we do better – what else can we do?  

We are always open to ideas and thoughts from you.

One thing we are working on is building a bigger team and adding people to the ministry teams we currently have. Are you interested in being a small part of the WNALC without being on the council? Maybe you can be on a ministry team. You will find the list of teams by connecting to this link. If something looks interesting, please reach out through Contact US on the website.

The above link also has the On-line version of the Nomination form. The Women’s Council needs 4 nominees. There is a need for one person for a 1-year term and 3 people for 2-year terms. Prayerfully consider being a nominee or encouraging someone you know to run for council.

Also, a new Ministry Team is being formed to making more connections and help with communications. Read the March/April newsletter for more information on this team.

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