Jill Nesheim

Jill Nesheim

Spiritual Growth

June 2019

I believe the main purpose of our lives is to grow spiritually, to draw closer to God & to become more like Him. But how do we know if we are growing? Measuring spiritual growth is much harder than physical growth. Luckily, while physical height growth ends, spiritual growth does not. For the most part we don’t even have a need to measure our spiritual growth. At the same time, we do want to feel that we are growing spiritually.

Therefore, this article is focused on “How do we know if we are growing spiritually?” These are some of my experiences & ideas that I have heard from others.

Keeping in daily communion with God becomes easier & more natural all the time. Having a desire talk with Him, pray, thank, request & ask for guidance becomes more & more natural & just a part of daily life – like brushing your teeth. You know when you don’t brush your teeth you just don’t feel right, & in the same way, when you don’t include God in your day you can sense restlessness, irritableness, unhappiness, etc.

Spiritual growth can be seen in losing bad habits or changing your lifestyle because God is working in you for you to become a better person & more like Him. I recently heard a story about a daughter who ran away from home because of abuse but later in life reconciled with her father. In the meantime, her father had let go of bad history & bad behavior. That is what spiritual growth can do.

Drawing closer to God & growing spiritually can be recognizing that getting through life isn’t so hard. You trust in & rely on Him more & know that He will take you through each day & through whatever you have to face. God doesn’t promise an easy life, but He promises He will be there. Growing spiritually will help you rely on Him more & it will be natural & right in your life.

Everyone’s spiritual growth will be different at different stages in life, just like physical growth. We won’t all become Billy Graham, but we can all be close to God & love & serve Him as our Lord & Savior.

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