All women and women’s groups of NALC congregations are members of our organization. The WNALC exists to link NALC women together as a community of faith, hope, and love, to enhance and facilitate the work within our local churches. The Women’s Council and other volunteers are called to assist members in God’s mission, study of His Word, service to others in Christ’s name, and fellowship among Christian women. Please, explore our presentations here and in our other publications, and prayerfully consider your participation with the WNALC.

Annual Gathering 2021

Yet...Rejoice in the Lord!

WNALC welcomes every church in the NALC to send a delegate to our Annual Gathering in Corpus Christi, Texas on August 3, 2021. Each delegate’s role is to represent her church as we celebrate our love for the Triune God and address the matters of the women of the church. Every church in the NALC is encouraged to send one voting delegate to the gathering. You may send as many women as want to attend as participants; however, make sure that only one signs up to be the delegate. Women may also attend as an individual even if they are not there to represent a congregation.

Join the Women's Council!

Having served on the WNALC Council faithfully for the last four years, Jacqui and Marcella will both be rotating off the council at this year’s Annual Gathering. While the rest of the council will miss their joyful spirits, wisdom and presence, we look forward to getting to know the women who will be stepping up to fill their seats! Will it be you? Please begin to prayerfully consider whether this might be something that God is preparing you to do. If you have questions, are interested in running for WNALC council or would like to nominate a candidate — with her permission — please click here or email kisiminger@gmail.com.

An Open Call

Pastor Trina Petersen has shared an open invitation to join together in prayer on Monday evenings at 8:46pm (ET).

To join, please call (712) 832-8330,

access code: 107 5527#