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A message from Mary Bates with The NALC disaster Response… 

We are responding in Perry FL due to Hurricane Idalia that made landfall Aug 30 as a Category 4. Flood buckets, Bibles and other emergency relief supplies are being delivered and volunteers will start Saturday to help with cleanup and debris removal, your prayers and support are needed for the families of Florida.”

“The first envelope of gift cards in addition to the first cargo container is on their way to Maui, thank you Jesus 🙏 There are still so many people unaccounted for, please keep the families of the loved ones in your prayers, God bless you for your prayers and support.”

The needs in Maui are great! There is a great need for more gift cards and donations.

Please send donations to:

NALC Disaster Response

PO Box 860565

Minneapolis, MN 55486

Gift cards may be sent to:

NALC Disaster Response

ATTN: Mary Bates

16500 Noble Ave

Caldwell, OH 43724

Damage in Perry, Florida following Hurricane Idalia. Photo Credit: Getty Images
Maui following devastating wildfires August 2023
Photo credit: Reuters
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