Mission Minded

February 2022

The NALC is a mission driven church and holding an annual Mission Sunday can be part of keeping your congregation mission focused. It can be a Sunday to remind your members of the various missions you support locally, nationally and internationally. It can be a time to let your congregation know what your members do to support NALC Disaster Response by making quilts and tie blankets, collecting Bibles, and packing flood buckets and school kits.

Although no specific date has been set for Mission Sunday, TWC and Mary Bates would like to suggest that you consider setting aside a Sunday in March or April.

Many churches like to display quilts and kits made over the course of the year. These can be blessed during the service. You could hold a “Stuff the Tonka” event on this Sunday or collect items for Personal Care or other kits. You could also collect items leading up to your Mission Sunday and take time on that Sunday to pack the kits. Consider setting up display tables with tri-fold boards or posters to highlight the different missions your church supports.

Having a Mission Sunday in March or April gives you plenty of time to pack up and divide your quilts and kits between your local missions, NALC Disaster Response, and Lutheran World Relief.

Your church and your women’s group can decide who and where to send your mission funds, be it a global worker, a ministry partner, a recognized ministry, or a new start up church. Follow this link to view the list of vetted ministries on the NALC website.

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